Supply Water Treatment


With a team of highly qualified personnel in the field of water treatment for basic industries, We provide cost-effective water treatment facilities and systems with the amount of wastewater generated in less treatment and optimal chemical amount.

Clarification System

With special technology combining flocculation and sedimentation process in the same treatment tank, suspended solids in the input water will be effectively removed with low chemical consumption, volume of wastewater. and less sludge generated after treatment.

Filtration System

High filtration rate with various kinds of filtration media will be selected to optimize the filtering water.Water filtration system is designed to be compact, lightweight, convenient for filtration and backwash.

Demineralization System

V-WS offers many different types of demineralization systems to meet different uses. The system is optimized to minimize the amount of chemicals consumed and the amount of waste generated, easy operation and maintenance.

Softening System

Hardness water is a difficult problem for many industries. Water softening system is considered as the ideal solution in reducing water hardness and saving energy.

Reverse Osmosis System (RO)

RO is a step in the water treatment process to effectively eliminate salinity, TDS, total hardness and fluorine ions … V-WS has provided and installed systems for many factories in Vietnam with the purpose different use. In addition, with a high level of expertise in design, operation and maintenance, we are able to meet our customers’ requirements with high quality and reliability.

Mixed Bed Polishing System

We offer a variety of resins suitable for their intended use. The water after the ion exchange system has high purity and stable amount of water.

Membrane Treatment System

We provide the best pretreatment method to protect the membrane and extend its service life; Reduced power consumption

Disinfection System

V-WS provides a wide range of disinfection systems such as UV, Ozone, Chlorine … We select the standard equipment to ensure the system is safe, effective and meets the goals of other uses together.