Sincere greetings to our partners and customers!

We are here today thanks to the trust of our members and customers. Our goal is to be a company that every member and Clients esteem.

Based on our solid steps, V-WS has enjoyed strong and healthy growth. We provide the most optimal environmental solutions for all our Clients’ needs. We are committed to achieving excellence in innovation and technology, which will give us a strong competitive advantage in the market and help us take the next big step. We believe that sustainable success is only possible through people. Therefore, we value each of our members to the fullest extent, provide them with the opportunity to grow through their own work experience and accomplishments, and help them find motivation to develop.

This allows us to establish a solid foundation for people and businesses to grow together. Moreover, we are not only concerned about profit, but also especially about bringing social value. We are committed to creating a safe and clean environment and adhering to social values. We have developed an Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). Along with that by establishing governance and strategies for CSR, we are systematically implementing Corporate Social Responsibility. We thank our members and Clients for their unwavering support and commitment to being a global company that you can be proud of. V-Water hopes to receive more and more trust and companionship from our partners and Clients.