Laboratory System


The laboratory system is invested with modern equipment, chemicals and accessories, complying with most requirements of national and international standards / standards.

With a team of technicians who are doctors and masters with long-term professional experience, the latest analytical methods are updated, giving quick and high-precision analysis results. From the results of the analysis, we can predict the quality of the water and the operation of our clients’ treatment systems. In addition, it is also possible to determine the appropriate chemical type and required dose of acupuncture through the testing process.
With V-Water, the laboratory system is not only meaningful in making practical analysis samples, helping to improve the quality of services provided, but also serving as an initial research and testing platform, helping the company orient and build technology development research and development models in the upcoming strategic steps.

V-Water’s laboratory system has been certified by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to be eligible to operate environmental monitoring services. With VIMCERTS certificate (No.265), we have met the requirements of manpower, equipment, methods and facilities to carry out the field observation activities and environmental quality analysis, make a report on the exploitation of water sources, make a report on discharging sewage into the water source, prepare an environmental acceptance record and report on environmental quality supervision. Our laboratory analyzes criteria on many sample bases such as surface water, waste water, groundwater, rainwater, seawater, air, soil, mud, sediment, etc.

V-Water is always working side by side with domestic and foreign enterprises and environmental organizations in environmental protection and pollution reduction activities.